Silicone padded forefoot
Silicone padded forefoot
Silicone padded forefoot
Silicone padded forefoot
Silicone padded forefoot
Silicone padded forefoot

Silicone padded forefoot

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Do you wear a shoe that hurts your feet when you wear it for a long time? So why don't you buy this silicone footpad? This can help prevent your feet from getting hurt.

Breathable Silicone Pads! While using this silicone footpad, your feet can still breathe, so your feet stay healthy all day.

Reusable foot pads! You can use this any time you want. When you need socks, use these breathable socks that can keep your feet healthy.

Universal foot pads! You can use this footpad in any type of shoe you want to wear. it is also extensible.

Help for foot pain! This may be your footstep when wearing uncomfortable shoes.



  1. Can I wear this every time I wear my shoes? Yes, you can wear them every time you wear shoes.
  2. Can I avoid foot odor? Yes, this is a breathable silicone footpad so your feet can breathe while wearing this. so you can avoid having a foot odor.
  3. Does this silicone pillow have a size? No this is a free size, anyone can carry this as it is stretchable.


    • 1 pair of X forefoot half yard Silicone foot-pads


    • Product Type: Solid
    • Shoe width: Medium (B, M)
    • Wife: Women
    • Material: Silicone
    • Function: Shock absorbing
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