Florin SP™️-Tongue Cleaner
Florin SP™️-Tongue Cleaner
Florin SP™️-Tongue Cleaner
Florin SP™️-Tongue Cleaner
Florin SP™️-Tongue Cleaner
Florin SP™️-Tongue Cleaner
Florin SP™️-Tongue Cleaner

Florin SP™️-Tongue Cleaner

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Upgrade Your Oral Hygiene Game With The Florin SP™️-The Tongue Scraper That Leaves Your Tongue Germ Free

Fight and remove those germs off resting on your tongue with Florin SP- The tongue scraper that does the job that your traditional scraper just can't seem to do.

Chronic bad breath, is medically known as halitosis (say ha·luh·tow·suhs). Halitosis can result from poor dental health habits and may be a sign of other health problems. True halitosis is a persistent smell that does not go away after brushing, flossing and rinsing. Get the CONFIDENCE you desire when talking to others without WORRYING the smell of your breath!

Easy to use and you only need less than a minute each day at the most. Simply scrape your tongue gently and before you know it all the harmful bacteria is gone.

Stainless steel material that makes it reliable and easy to clean. so you can use it over and over again without any build-up bacteria getting on it.

Works three times better than your traditional toothbrush/tongue scraper. Covers more ground and doesn't leave a single area untouched. Saving you a bad case of stinky breath and better overall oral health.

We can't tell you enough just how effective it is. Experience first hand what all of our repeat customers experience. More reliable and better overall hygiene that is second to none.


Effective- Twice as much than your average tongue scraper. Covers more ground and gets everything on the first try. Cleaning your tongue in no time.

Easy To Clean- Without any special solution needed to clean it. Just give it a good rinse and repeat and you're good to go. Doesn't leave a stain or any nasty germs behind.

Reduces Bad Breath- Gets in those tough to see areas where most build-up occurs and causes bad breath. Saving you from any oral diseases and stinky breath.

Stimulates The Taste Buds- Which enhances your sense of taste

Improves Digestive Health- Since many foods are first broken down in the mouth

Our Guarantee- If for any reason you feel that this product isn't for you feel free to send us an e-mail at our store address and we'll promptly refund your money. No questions asked.



The best way for you to use a scraper is to scrape the tongue from as far back as is comfortable for you to the front. You will then flick and rinse off the scraper and do the motion again. It should only take you 10 or 20 seconds to clean your tongue. If you're using a gel or foam in conjunction with a scraper, you can apply this to your tongue immediately before scraping. It's recommended that you scrape your tongue once a day, preferably before brushing your teeth and using mouthwash. 



Will using the scraper hurt?
Not at all, it's not sharp, just scrape lightly.

How do you clean/sanitize this?
Rinse with soap and water after using and once a week with rubbing alcohol and water.

Will this help with my bad breath?
Yes this helps eliminate bad breath

Can't I just use mouth wash to keep off the gems?
Contrary to popular belief, most mouthwashes do not cure bad breath. They also disrupt your oral microbiome by killing both good and bad bacteria. As reported by The Huffington Post, in 2008, the Better Business Bureau determined that no mouthwash is allowed to claim fresh breath for more than an hour.

I can just use my toothbrush to brush it off.
There is a reason why a toothbrush is called a toothbrush as it is designed to brush your teeth only. To clean off the dirt from your tongue, you need to scrape it off completely.

Why is it so expensive?
Really? What is the cost of not having proper oral hygiene and maintaining good oral health? On top of that, this is made from surgical grade stainless steel and will last you a long long time compared to the plastic tongue scrapers on the market where you need to change it every month or so. 



Use: Daily, before or after brushing your teeth.
Material: Surgical Grade Stainless Steel.
Size: Approx 13.5 cm * 6 cm

Recommended by dentists worldwide


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